Chocolate-Covered Banana Bites with Pistachios & Raspberry Puree

Chocolate-Covered Banana Bites with Pistachios & Raspberry Puree by Parsley In My Teeth

If you read the intro to my Dessert page, you’ll know that I don’t post many dessert recipes. But the inspiration behind this post is too cute to not share. So here it is.

Chocolate-Covered Banana Bites with Pistachios + Raspberry Puree - Parsley In My Teeth

Last weekend my husband woke up early to take the dog for a walk on the beach. He stopped to grab a cup of coffee and a muffin. The streets were quiet and empty. Walking back to the car, a squirrel scampered up the sidewalk toward him. He thought it would dart up a tree as he approached, but it kept coming straight at him. So my husband stopped, waiting to see what the squirrel’s next move would be.

Chocolate-Covered Banana Bites with Pistachios and Raspberry Puree - Parsley In My Teeth

The squirrel slowed down but kept walking toward my husband and eventually stopped less than two feet away. Sitting up on its back haunches, the squirrel was clearly asking for something to eat. So my husband tossed it a piece of his banana nut muffin. The squirrel ate it, and then sat back up his haunches again, wanting more. So my husband tossed over another piece. After finishing that one, the squirrel was back up on its haunches seeking even more. To see whether the squirrel would take food from his hand, my husband knelt down and held out another morsel at arm’s length. That proved to be a bit too intimate a gesture for the squirrel, which backed up a bit, but didn’t run away. Then it sat on its haunches again in the “feed me” position. So my husband gently tossed over the last piece. That seemed to satisfy the squirrel which turned away and left.

Chocolate-Covered Banana Bites with Pistachios + Raspberry Puree by Parsley In My Teeth

City squirrels. What can you say?

Chocolate-Covered Banana Bites with Pistachios + Raspberry Puree from Parsley In My Teeth

As my husband relayed this story to me in our kitchen, I looked over at the huge bunch of bananas sitting on the counter. I always buy too many bananas. (As a child, my mother told me that if I didn’t stop eating so many bananas, I’d turn yellow. It wasn’t enough of a threat to stop me.) My husband is repulsed when I eat bananas that have turned brown and almost rotten, but the more ripe they are, but better IMHO. I will, however, draw the line once I can start to smell the slightest whiff of alcohol from fermentation.

I didn’t have enough time to bake banana nut muffins, but I could squeeze in this recipe which is ready to eat in less than 15 minutes. Suggestion: don’t wear a white shirt when making this. Between the chocolate and raspberries, white doesn’t stand a chance. Trust me on this.

Ingredients (serves 6)

3 medium bananas – cut into ¾ – 1 inch thick slices
1 3.5 ounce bar of 70% – 85% chocolate
1 cup frozen raspberries
2 tablespoons chopped pistachios
2 – 4 tablespoons water


1. Line 2 baking sheets with parchment or wax paper.

2. Break the chocolate bar up into pieces and place in a deep cereal bowl – preferably one that tapers toward the bottom which makes it easier to cover the banana pieces with melted chocolate. Microwave for 1½ minutes until completely melted.

Chocolate-Covered Banana Bites with Pistachios & Raspberry Puree - Parsley In My Teeth

3. Drop banana slices in the melted chocolate one piece at a time, using a toothpick to turn the pieces over to get fully coated. Let excess chocolate drip off before placing on the baking sheet.

4. Place baking sheets in the freezer for 5 minutes so chocolate covering can set.

5. Place the raspberries in a blender and add in water 1 tablespoon at a time until raspberries are pureed into a thick sauce. If the sauce is too tart for your liking, add a few drops of honey. However, between the sweetness of the bananas and chocolate, the little twang of raspberry is quite refreshing, so I don’t recommended adding any type of sweetener.

6. Remove baking sheets from the freezer. Using a flat metal spatula, transfer banana slices to a serving tray. Drizzle raspberry sauce over the top, then sprinkle chopped pistachios over everything.

7. Hint: Place your serving tray in the freezer for a few minutes before placing the banana slices on it. It will keep them cold much longer and easier to handle.

8. Store leftovers in the refrigerator and consume within 24 hours, or freeze and eat within a week.

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  1. Gaye says

    Hi I love this. They look like little top hats all dressed up in red and green. I frequently freeze the bananas either in the skin to latter thaw for banana bread. Or peeled and broke into pieces to throw into smoothies. My grandson loves banana peanut butter smoothies.

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